Friday, March 18, 2011

2000 Watts Inverter by Royal Power

2000 Watts Inverter with automatic charger and transfer switch

This is a 2000 Watts inverter, 4000 watts peak modified sine wave inverter. From the manufacturer it comes prepackaged with battery cables, wireless remote, and AC cord for the charger.

The charger is a 20amp charger, and the transfer switch works in under 1second, which is very fast for an inverter with one built in. It has 3 AC outlets, and led lights to monitor the battery charging and transfer switch functioning. This modified sine wave inverter is classified one of the high standard power inverters.

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  1. Kenneth Laurel says:

    Great inverter, all around. With the floods recently I had no choice but to look at other power options as we have been without power for sometimes 2-3 days. This works no problem with my sump pump 1/3 HP.

    I wasn't home during the day, and I have this hooked up to transfer automatically to batteries when I lose power. It also makes sure my batteries get recharged when I regain power. Highly recommend buying this if you are in a similar situation.

  2. Jamie L. says:

    Neat product. Packed with features, like a transfer switch. I saw other places selling this for $130 more so I bought it from for when we have power failures. This inverter has worked everytime we lost power. I leave it hooked into the wall all the time, and when I lose power it goes to my batteries. I have an aquarium that is constantly plugged into it, so the water pump can't lose power. Works like a charm.

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